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About Us: Three Best Friends - Tired of the Same Boring Candles

Jake played college hockey, Zack’s girlfriend complained about the smell of takeout in his apartment, and Coby was tired of buying $90 candles. We smelled like guys, but we also didn't want our apartments smelling like Febreze. We just wanted our apartments to smell good.

In 2020, as three best friends, we created The Smelly Club.

We put together our last few brain cells and combined our piggy banks to create a candle that got people excited. Each candle is hand poured with 100% Organic Soy Wax and Premium Essential Oils. All things you probably know nothing about, but smell fu*king great…

Smelly Club candles are conversation starters. They can be used to get the party started, or provide a little light at the end of a long night.

Now, we want everyone to join the club, and love the smell of their dorm, apartment, or first home with zero judgement. ‘Cause Why Stink? our packaging is also recyclable because who doesn't love this planet.